Common yellowthroats in North Dakota on the James River

I found a sunflower patch right above the James River in North Dakota that’s attracting lots of common yellowthroats foraging for insects. Not only am I getting lots of photos, but I’ve also enjoyed the chance to observe how these little birds hunt for insects. They nab bugs from the bottoms of leaves as well as on the stalks of the sunflowers.

I wonder if these birds were here all summer, or are they migrating south?

Molting or juvenile male?
Closeup of the previous photo – check out that gorgeous coloring and all of those feathers.
Caught an insect!
Sometimes when they spot an insect, they stand tall and stretch out to get a better view before darting out to nab the bug.
Perfect pose!
The stance!
Look at those big eyes!
The coloring really varies from bird to bird.
Cornell Lab says common yellowthroat females and juveniles often migrate together.
So acrobatic!
Green worm for breakfast. Took a few seconds for the bird to eat this meal.

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